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Shine Like Hollywood Stars

Bichectomy, better known as “Hollywood Cheek” in the society, is the name given to the operation that enables the rounded contours of the face to turn into a sharper appearance by removing the excess fat in the cheek area with a small procedure. With this operation, facial asymmetries can also be eliminated to a great extent.

What Does Bichectomy Provide?

What Does Bichectomy Provide? The glamor of Hollywood’s famous world has always aroused interest.

“Bichectomy”, which is called the Hollywood cheek and has become increasingly popular in our country, is essentially a cheek thinning aesthetic.

The purpose of the operation, which provides the removal of fat pads on the inside of the cheeks, the thinning of the cheeks, and the clarification of the cheekbones, is to provide a more attractive appearance.

What is the Bichectomy Operation Process?

What is the Bichectomy Operation Process? During the operation, which takes approximately 30 minutes under general anesthesia, an incision of approximately 1 cm is made inside the mouth.

With the help of this incision, some of the fat pad tissues called Bichat are removed from the cheeks.

While the round appearance of the cheek structure decreases after the procedure, the cheekbones and jawline become more prominent.

With the completion of the postoperative recovery period, the face can be transformed into an inverted triangle, ie “V” form, with the support of filling and procedures, if needed.

With this operation, which is the most important point to provide a close to nature and understated appearance, you can achieve a long-lasting change.