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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)? BBL Turkey

Brazilian butt lift, bbl turkey involves a series of surgeries aimed to give the female hips a rounder and fuller shape. As a result of today’s changing body and beauty perceptions, women now want to have a slimmer waist and fuller and rounder hips.

In particular, the effect of social networking has solidified people’s body perceptions and increased their desire for perfection.

The aim in brazillian butt lift is to give the butt an ideal shape and to create the desired waistline, thereby giving patients the chance to get the body proportions they want.

The patient’s body must be looked at as a whole and it must not be forgotten that the way to make the butt appear fuller is to slim the waist.

How much does a BBL cost in Turkey?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) prices in Turkey might differ depending on a number of variables, including the surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s location, the complexity of the treatment, and any other services provided. The typical price of a BBL in Turkey is between $3,000 and $8,000 USD.

It’s vital to remember that these numbers are approximations and subject to wide variation. The complexity of the treatment, the surgeon’s background and reputation, the settings employed, and any extra services or accommodations included in the package are just a few examples of the variables that will affect the ultimate cost.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) done?

Brazilian Butt Lift aims at slimming the patient’s waist while augmenting the buttocks, for which purpose liposuction is performed on the abdomen, love handles, the upper and lower back to make these areas smaller and narrow the waist, i.e., the area where the butt connects with the upper body, so as to create an ideal body shape from butt to waist.

I use a combination of Vaser (ultrasonic liposuction) and PAL (power assisted liposuction) to achieve a better contouring as a result of liposuction.

The fat removed during liposuction is processed and made ready for injection. After processing, the fat is then injected into the buttocks using special cannulas.

The critical point here is that the injection is made into the area between the muscle and skin. Thus, it is ensured that injection is done away from the vascular structures in muscle tissue, while at the same time expanding the skin outward for a convenient augmentation of the butt.

The absence of any intramuscular injection eliminates the risk of fat embolism. About 40% of fat injected into the butt is absorbed by the body, and the rest remain in the area they are injected into. If patients gain weight, these fats will increase in volume. And if they lose weight, the fat will decrease.

Which country is cheapest for BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) costs can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including the experience of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, facility fees, anesthesia costs, and the complexity of the treatment needed. Generally speaking, Latin American nations (including Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil) and certain Southeast Asian nations (like Thailand) have lower costs for cosmetic surgery.

But when choose a nation for cosmetic surgery, it’s important to take into account factors other than price. To guarantee a successful and safe procedure, other factors such as the surgeon’s training and expertise, the caliber of the hospital, safety regulations, and the post-operative care should be considered. Always do extensive study and speak with knowledgeable experts before deciding whether to have cosmetic surgery.

Who is the famous doctor in Turkey for BBL?

One of Turkey’s most well-known BBL surgeons, Dr. Salih Onur Basat is renowned for his extraordinary abilities and creative approach to body sculpting surgeries. Dr. Salih has a great deal of expertise doing successful BBL operations, and his results seem natural, earning him praise both domestically and abroad.

Why is fat removed especially from the abdomen and waist in Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgeries?

There are 2 reasons for removing fat from the abdomen and waist. The first being to narrow the waist by removing the fat in this area. Thus, the butt will appear relatively bigger with a trim waistline even if no fat is injected into the butt.

The second reason is that fats in the abdomen and waist area have higher permane nce when injected. In other words, fats removed from these areas are absorbed less than those taken from other areas and last longer in the area they are injected into.

How long does a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) take?

The duration of a Brazilian Butt Lift may vary according to the number of areas on which liposuction is to be performed and the amount of fat to be collected.

If fat is to be removed from a patient’s abdomen, waist and back and injected into the buttocks, the procedure will take about 4 hours. But if fat is to be removed also from the legs and arms, the procedure may take up to 5 to 6 hours.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and patients need to stay in hospital for 2 days after surgery. During the procedure, the fat in the waist area should be removed as much as possible to obtain a sufficiently narrowed waist, failing which it may not be possible to get the desired waist and butt proportion.

Therefore, I always take care to narrow the waist area when performing BBL on a patient. Also, it is very important not to create irregularities in the liposuction area while removing fat from the waist. Overall, liposuction of the waist should be done in a way to narrow the waist as much as possible without creating any irregularity.

The procedure usually starts with collecting fat from the abdomen and waist area by liposuction. Then the patient is repositioned and fat is collected from the upper and lower back.

What must be paid attention here is to purify the collected fat without any air contact, for which purpose the blood, liquid and tissue particles present in the collected fat are removed to make the fat ready for injection.

Where and how is fast injected in Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

In BBL, the injection site of fat is key. For instance, fat is injected into the thighs for a wider hip, while a rounder and a more pronounced shape will require fat injection into the upper sections of the butt to give it a lifted appearance.

Another key issue in BBL is to inject the fat into the area between the skin and gluteal muscles. This technique is referred to as SAFE BBL. There are approx. 4 mm wide veins in the glutes. So, if fat is injected into the muscle, it may possibly penetrate the vein and cause a fat embolism.

This is why I prefer to inject fat between the skin and muscle in all BBL surgeries, for which I use an ultrasound so that I can see the exact area where the fat goes, and make sure that it does not penetrate the muscle.

What can a patient expect after a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

After the procedure, we transfer our patients into their bed before they are taken to their room. BBL being a procedure that takes about 4 hours under general anesthesia, patients undergoing this surgery have to stay in hospital for 2 nights post-op.

Our patients start walking with the help of our nurses after having eaten something at postop 5 hours. Since Brazilian butt lift is a procedure done in combination with liposuction, the blood values of our patients are checked once again the day after surgery.

The compression dressings put on after surgery are removed 2 days post-op, whereafter our patients have to put on their new shapewear.

After BBL, patients are required to lie face down to avoid pressure on the butt. In surgeries combined with other procedures, or in cases where the patient has trouble laying on their stomach, we have special BBL mattresses designed with a whole to accommodate the butt when laying on their back. These mattresses allow patients to lie on their back without their butt being exposed to pressure.

After fat injection to the butt, patients should not lie on their back for 3 weeks and, when sitting, they should use special pillows which we call BBL cushion. Patients are advised to continue to wear their shapewear for 6 to 7 weeks after surgery.

This will help swelling and edema heal faster and also support better results. For a more rounded and smoother hips after BBL, we recommend that patients gently massage their hips with body oil for about 3 weeks.

Patients can resume their daily routine in about 10 days. Especially those patients who are engaged in sports should avoid any exercise that put pressure on the buttocks for about 3 weeks. Patients can start to resume their normal sports activities and exercise without any restriction after 6 weeks.

Who is a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

BBL should be preferred especially for patients with good skin quality in the butt area. BBL with fat injection is not very feasible in patients with excess skin or poor skin quality in the butt area. But of course, a final decision can only be made after examination.

In addition, patients must have sufficient amount of adipose tissue. BBL with fat injection is not quite possible if there is not enough fat to collect, in which case patients may opt for other procedures.

What methods are used in BBL?

The most common method used in BBL or buttock enhancement is fat injection, whereas butt implants may be a good option for patients with not enough body fat. Butt implants are inserted into the gluteal muscle. Thus, implants cannot be felt from outside and a very natural appearance of the butt is achieved. Butt implants are at the same time very effective in lifting the butt.

Butt implant surgeries can be combined with liposuction, which allows for narrowing the waist while lifting the butt. The fat removed with liposuction can also be used to enhance the butt even further in addition to butt implants.

What are the points to consider before buttock surgery?

As in every other surgery, routine pre-op tests are done before our patients undergo a BBL. It is important to not take aspirin one week before surgery as it can increase bleeding.

I prefer to have one last pre-op interview with my patients a day before surgery and take their pictures. Routine pre-op tests are run on the morning of surgery or the day before, and patients undergo a detailed examination by our anesthesiologist.

What are the specific features of shapewear that patients must wear after Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

The shapewear used after BBL should apply pressure to the liposuction areas and at the same time lift the butt without applying pressure to the area.

Therefore, shapewear used after BBL usually have a butt section that is either made of a softer fabric or leaves the butt open. These shapewear must be worn for minimum 6 weeks after surgery.

Are patients required to use a BBL pillow after a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

I recommend using a BBL pillow after butt lift surgery. The purpose here is to put the pillow under the legs while sitting so that the butt will not touch the seat. This protects the butt from pressure and a larger part of the injected fat can survive.

How much fat is injected in BBL?

There are certain limits to the amount of fat that can be injected during BBL. Especially when the injected fat starts to flow back outside during fat injection, it means that the upper limit is reached.

Injecting too much fat into an area will expose the adipose tissue in that area to excessive pressure, causing more fat to melt and be absorbed by the body. So, to put it short, injecting large amounts of fat does not necessarily mean that the butt will be enhanced more.

Is lymphatic massage recommended after BBL?

As in all other procedures involving liposuction, I recommend lymphatic massage after butt lift surgery. Lymphatic massage provides a more natural and smooth appearance in the area of liposuction, comparable to the results of weight loss.

If applied to the butt area, lymphatic massage helps to achieve a rounder butt shape. I recommend my patients to have at least 10 sessions of lymphatic massage every 2-3 days, starting on the first day after surgery. Lymphatic massage using special gels also help patients recover faster from bruising and swelling after surgery.

What are the procedures that BBL is most often combined with?

Liposuction is a must do in BBL. Here, high-def (high definition) liposuction can be preferred when performing liposuction. This way, while enhancing the butt, an athletic appearance of the abdomen can be achieved.

Apart from liposuction, BBL is often done in combination with a tummy tuck, in which combination sagging skin and cracks in the abdomen are removed, the waist is narrowed and the butt is enhanced in a single surgical session, giving the patient an hourglass-shaped body.

Fat injection for butt enhancement can also be combined with a breast augmentation, in which case patients can get fuller breasts, a fuller butt and a slimmer waist. Patients undergoing this type of surgery are required to use a BBL mattress as laying on their stomach will not be an option.

Of course, in order for these combined surgeries to be performed, patients must not have any additional disease that would speak against surgery and their blood counts ​​should be high enough.

Where is a BBL the cheapest?

The location, level of experience of the surgeon, standing of the clinic, and other variables can all have a significant impact on the price of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Generally speaking, nations with lower living and healthcare expenses are also ones where cosmetic surgery is more reasonably priced.

The following are some nations where BBL procedures could be comparatively less expensive than in others:

  1. Turkey: In recent years, Turkey has become a major destination for medical tourism, providing affordable rates for a variety of cosmetic operations, including BBL.
  2. Mexico: Mexico is renowned for providing reasonable costs for BBL operations as well as other cosmetic surgery procedures. Cancun and Tijuana are two well-liked locations for medical tourism.
  3. Colombia: The country is experiencing growth in the medical tourism sector and is well-known for its highly qualified plastic surgeons who provide BBL operations at reasonable costs.
  4. Brazil: Brazil can provide comparatively reduced costs for this surgery because it is the origin of the Brazilian Butt Lift. However, expenses can differ based on the area and level of experience of the surgeon.
  5. Thailand: Due to its advanced healthcare infrastructure and more affordable prices as compared to Western nations, Thailand is a well-liked destination for medical tourism. Here, BBL operations might be more reasonably priced.

Regardless of where you decide to have the surgery, it’s critical to carefully consider the standing of the clinic and the credentials of the surgeon. When calculating the total cost of having cosmetic surgery abroad, don’t forget to account for things like lodging, travel expenditures, and after-operative care.

Is Turkey safe for BBL?

Is getting a BBL in Turkey safe? When carried out by knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeons, BBL is a safe operation in Turkey.

Brazillian Butt Lift Prices 2024

BBL prices vary depending on the number of areas to be liposuctioned. Especially when combined with other surgeries, surgery prices may vary according to the combinations of surgeries performed.

A clear decision and pricing can only be made after examination. You can contact us now to get information about Brazilian Butt Lift Prices 2024.

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