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Breast Lifting (Mastopexy) Turkey

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy) Turkey

Breasts may lose their form due to weight gain and loss as well as hormonal alterations in pregnancy or aging. As a result, sagging occurs in breasts. Sagging in breasts can be associated with enlargement or reduction of breast tissue or in other words, breast tissue may be normal or above or below normal in a sagged breast.

In mastopexy procedures, the breast that is located in a lower position that it should be lifted and repositioned. Aim of this procedure is to create a normal sized breast at normal position on your chest wall.

How is breast lift (mastopexy) performed?

The sagging breasts and the nipple pointing downward, if any, are lifted up in breast lifting turkey surgery.  If breast tissue of the patient is below normal, an appropriate volume is restored by combining mastopexy with breast prosthesis. In some patients, breasts can be too big and sagging; in such patients, breasts are both lifted and reduced.

What are the breast lift techniques?

The techniques to be used in breast lift procedures may vary depending on the size of breast, volume of breast tissue and level of sagging in breast. Breast lift can be performed by using a lollipop (İ) or J-shaped incision for a normal breast that does not sag excessively.

Breast lift can be performed with a reverse T shaped incision for patients with excessive breast tissue. If the volume of breast tissue is below normal ranges, breast implant surgery should also be performed for the patient along with the breast lift procedure.

The aim is to increase the volume of lifted breast with prosthesis. During breast lift procedure, the nipple and areola are transferred to the ideal locations by preserving the blood supply and sense and breast tissue is reshaped. Excess breast is removed, incisions are repaired and the surgery is terminated.

Who can have breast lift surgery?

The minimum age limit for breast lift is 18. Every woman who is older than 18, has no additional health problems that can contraindicate the surgery and has sagging in breasts can have breast lift surgery.

Which preparations are required before breast lift surgery?

As is the case with all surgeries, I prefer to make final discussion with my patients one day before the surgery. In this patient interview day, blood tests are performed and anesthesiology examinations are completed.

After this encounter, photographs of patients are shot at appropriate angles. I order ultrasound or mammography for each patient, whom I will perform a breast surgery, according to age of patient and density of breast tissue. These imaging studies are a good benchmark for postoperative follow-up.

I ask my patients quit smoking 4 weeks before the surgery and avoid smoking until the end of 4th week after the surgery. I evaluate my patients again on the day of surgery, make preoperative markings and I answer their questions, if any.

 How long does breast lift take?

Although the duration varies depending on the surgery technique, breast lift procedures takes for approximately 3 hours. There may be scars with different shapes depending on the size of breast. The most common one of those scars is the one with reverse T shape.

These are generally named as “around the areola”, “from nipple to bra line” and “on bra line”. At the end of the surgery, the patients have 2 drains which are removed within 2 days.

We hospitalize our patients for a night after this surgery that is performed under general anesthesia. After the drain is removed, wound dressing is not needed and patients can take shower 2 days after the removal of drains.

Patients are worn sports bra after the surgery and we ask them to use sports bra for 6 weeks. Therefore, the breast tissue settles in the new location with its own weight rather than being shaped by the bra.

What you should know about postoperative period of breast lift surgery?

After effects of anesthesia wear off completely, patients are transferred to their rooms. Patients are allowed to eat meal 5 hours after the surgery followed by gentle mobilization.

Patients should stay at the hospital for one night after the surgery to eliminate all effects of general anesthesia. Wound dressing and drains are checked on the next day. If there is minimal return from drains, they are removed and patients are discharged.

Incision lines are closed with sterile tapes after breast lift surgery. Patients may take a bath even before the tapes are removed. They are left over the incision lines for 3 weeks and thus, patients do not need wound dressing.

We seek to have our patients return to activities of daily life as soon as possible after breast lift surgery. Wound healing is completed 15 days in patients, who return to activities of daily life within one week after the surgery, and our patients start using silicone cream or silicone cover 3 weeks later.

I recommend to use these creams for 3 months. Patients may start cardio type exercise 10 days after breast lift surgery. Considering strenuous sport activities, we recommend our patients wait for 6 weeks.

I perform routine re-evaluations 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after the surgery.

Can patients breastfeed their babies after breast lift surgery?

If suitable surgical technique is used and breast tissues under and around the nipple are preserved as much as possible during the breast lift surgery, patients can breastfeed in postoperative course.

Can sagging recur after breast lift surgery?

Breast is an organ that consists of breast tissue and fat tissue. Moreover, breast is sensitive to hormone. If patients’ bodyweight change rapidly after the surgery, sagging may recur in breast tissue. The same situation also applies to pregnancy.

Breasts grow during pregnancy due to hormonal effects and weight gain. If this growth is too fast, sagging in breast may develop following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast lift surgery should be revised in these cases.

Does breast lift surgery completely eliminate stretch marks on skin of breast?

The skin below the nipple can be removed in breast lift surgeries. However, stretch marks usually develop on the skin below the nipple. Therefore, breast lift surgery cannot eliminate all stretch marks.

Contrary to abdominoplasty, this surgery does not, anyway, aim to remove stretch marks. Breast lift surgeries intend to create voluminous and attractive breasts at their normal position.

Do the scars on breast skin after breast lift surgery look unpleasant?

Scars remain in 3 regions after breast lift surgery. These scars are around the nipple, from nipple to bra line and on the bra line. These scars are covered with sterile tapes at the end of the surgery.

Those tapes are air-permeable, protective tapes.  The patients can shower with them and the tapes facilitate wound healing by eliminating the tension on the edges of wounds.

The patients remove these tapes 3 weeks after the surgery and start using silicone gel or silicone tapes on the scars. The aim of silicone tapes and gel is to decolorize the scars. I recommend patients to use silicone gel and tapes for at least 3 months.

The scars fade 1 year after the surgery and become less visible. Generally, the final condition of scars is quite satisfying for our patients.

I recommend scar camouflage, powdering method for patients who are very concerned about scars. In this method a skin colored tattoo is made on the scars and the scars are camouflaged.

What is the lower age limit for breast life surgery?

From legal perspective, breast lift surgery can be performed for anyone, who is 18 years old, as is the case with all aesthetic procedures. It is possible to perform breast lift surgery at younger ages upon consent of parents, but I believe, in my practice, that breast lift surgery is not a good option before 18.

Can breast lift surgery be combined with breast augmentation?

If a patient with sagging breasts does not have sufficient breast tissue, breast lift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation. In the surgery, not only breasts are lifted, but they also gain volume by implanting breast prosthesis.

Round-shaped breast prostheses are usually used and placed under chest muscles in this surgery. Patients should wear sports bra and use breast band for 6 weeks after the surgery.

Sports bra supports the breast from downward, while breast tape offers support to upper part of breasts. This ensures formation of natural look in breasts.

Breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed in same session in order to add extra volume to upper pole and create charming décolleté in patients with volume loss in upper part of breasts, although breast tissue is sufficient.

Why is sports bra used after breast lift surgery?

Following breast lift surgeries, the breasts are located higher than the ideal position and they do not look natural. It is expected that the location of breast changes downwards with its own weight and effect of gravity after the breast lift surgery.

Therefore, we ask patients to use sports bra. Sports bras do not have an underwire and they let the breast move downwards with its own weight. Therefore, the breast returns to its ideal location naturally and gain a natural look.

Does size of breast change after breast lift surgery?

Breasts are both lifted and reduced. A part of breast tissue below the breast creases (bra line) and some excess skin are removed while breast lift surgery is performed.

These procedures lead to loss of volume in breast. These facts should be discussed in detail with patients before the surgery. For patients who do not want reduction of breasts, it is possible to restore the lost volume with a small prosthesis.

Is surgery-free breast lift possible?

Breasts cannot be lifted up without surgery. Breast tissue is a dense and relatively heavy tissue. Therefore, breast lift with suspension or device is not quite possible.

Although these procedures offer some benefits at the beginning, outcomes do not last long. Therefore, surgery is still the first option in breast lift.

May numbness occur after breast lift surgery?

Possibility of numbness after breast lift surgery will vary depending on severity of sagging in breasts. If breast lift surgery will be performed on a severely sagging breast, one should always remind that numbness may develop in nipple.

If the breast is normal sized and sagging is not severe, numbness may develop in nipples in early postoperative period, but normal sensation is restored in nipple over time.

Here, what matters is the surgical technique. Various techniques can be used for breast lift surgeries. If the technique is appropriate for size of breasts, loss of sensation will be milder and normal nipple sensation will be restored more quickly.

Does insurance cover the cost of breast lift surgery?

Breast lift procedure is an aesthetic surgery that is not covered by insurance. For breast reduction surgery, the cost of breast reduction surgery can be covered by insurance if doctors report that the breast causes neck pain and shoulder pain. However, this issue is not discussed in breast lift procedures.

Breast Lifting Prices 2023

The cost of breast lift varies depending on the type of the procedure. The maximum difference between prices occurs when breast lift surgery is combined with breast augmentation surgery.

Thus, the exact cost of the procedure can be determined after examination. You can contact us immediately to get information about Breast Lift Prices 202.3