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Brachioplasty (Armlift)

Particularly affected by gravity, the arms are among the most difficult areas to keep firm and sculpted. Physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, can help strengthen the arms to some extent.

But in the case of adipose infiltration, or severe skin loosening, tonifying the muscle cannot be enough to obtain profiled arms. The lifting of the inner side of the arms, also known as “brachioplasty” or “brachioplasty” can then be indicated.

The discomfort caused by loose or wrinkled arms can affect self-confidence. Camouflaging unsightly arms severely limits clothing options. When there is a significant loosening of the tissues, excess skin and excess fat on the inner side of the arms, cosmetic surgery can help.

Brachioplasty is an aesthetic operation performed to remove thickening and sagging in the upper part of the arm. Depending on gaining and losing weight and aging, fatty tissue may increase in the upper part of the arm and excess skin may develop.

While skin excess is seen in some patients, also fatty tissue increase in the arm and heavier arm and skin excess are seen. If the patient has increased fatty tissue in the arm with excess skin, the brachioplasty can be combined with vaser liposuction.

Fatty tissue, accumulated in the arm, is removed by vaser liposuction and the excess skin is removed using an elliptical incision starting from the armpit and extending into the elbow.

In this way, both the arm is thinned and the excess skin is removed.By removing the fat excess from the arm, the weight of the arm decreases and therefore decreases in the tension on the suture lines and that provides better wound healing.

The incision on the arm is relatively less visible as it is located in the inner and the rear area of the arm. Especially in young patients with no excess skin and a good skin quality but only have complaint of lipoidosis in the arm it is possible to get rid of the fats in this area by Vaser liposuction and to ensure tightening of the arm.

Vaser makes the fat liquid with the ultrasonic effect and makes the excess skin more tight. Brachioplasty is an operation that takes about 2 hours and performed under general anesthesia.

We host our patients in the hospital for 1 night in order to get over to anesthesia. We recommend to use arm corsets to our patients for 6 weeks after brachioplasty. After surgery, our patients can return to their normal life within 1 week. Patients can start cardio exercises 10 days after the surgery.

Exercise movements requiring arm use can be performed 6 weeks after surgery. Brachioplasty can be performed alone or performed in combination with operations such as abdominoplasty, breast lifting, femur lifting in patients with sagging in other parts of their body due to loss of high amounts of weight because of obesity surgery.

When performing these surgery combinations, the general condition of the patient, the blood values and the size of the operation to be performed should take into consideration.

Brachioplasty Prices 2023

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