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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant) Turkey

Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant) Turkey

The fact that breasts are considered as the symbol of femininity beyond being just an organ throughout the history of humanity makes breast aesthetics more important. Breast aesthetics is one of the surgeries that create the highest level of satisfaction amongst the aesthetic procedures. The correct location and ideal size of the breast boost self-confidence of women.

Breasts can undergo changes at any stage of the life. These changes can be caused by hormonal factors, pregnancy, weight changes or aging. Generally, patients’ breasts cannot grow sufficiently during adolescence or they become smaller after delivery and implants are needed.

Who are good candidates for breast augmentation surgery?

As is the case with all aesthetic surgeries, breast augmentation turkey procedure can be performed after 18 years of age. Unless patients have a disease that contraindicates general anesthesia or causes a risk for surgery, every patient at or above 18 years of age can undergo breast augmentation procedure.

Which preparations are made before breast augmentation procedure?

I prefer re-examining my patients and complete the preoperative preparations on the day before breast augmentation surgery. At this stage, preoperative routine tests and anesthesiology examinations are performed. I prefer taking consents forms and photos of patients a day before the surgery.

I decide, together with the patient, the shape and size of breast implant to be used specifically for breast augmentation surgery on the day before the surgery. I make surgical markings in the morning of surgery day and answer the questions of my patients –if any.

Breast is an organ that is sensitive to hormone and imaging tests should be performed for this organ at certain intervals. Therefore, I ask my patients to have mammography and ultrasound before the surgery. These images are quite useful for postoperative control and follow-up of breasts.

What should be known before breast augmentation?

In preoperative period, the patients should know that the silicone prostheses used for breast augmentation surgery provide the safest and the most certain outcomes. Although breast augmentation procedure can be performed with fat injection or saline-based implants, silicone implants are still the first option in breast augmentation.

Therefore, breast augmentation is the aesthetic procedure that provides the highest satisfaction rates amongst women.

What are the types of implant used in breast augmentation?

Various types of implants can be used for breast augmentation. Those are silicone implants, saline (saline-filled) implants and polyurethane implants. Polyurethane implants are used especially for the patients who request very big implants since they are lighter comparing to other implants.

What are the types of silicone implants used in breast augmentation?

Breast prosthesis is the gold standard for breast augmentation procedures. Breast prostheses are divided into two groups in terms of their shape. Those are round and anatomical (eye drop shaped) implants. Measurements are crucial for deciding the type of breast prosthesis.

Round implants fill the upper part of breast better while anatomical implants can provide a more natural appearance for the breast. Moreover, there are textured and smooth silicone implant options. Textured implants are generally preferred where the implant is placed beneath the breast.

The risk of capsule contracture, which is a late complication of breast augmentation, is lower in texture implants.

How are saline prostheses used?

Those prostheses are filled with saline instead of silicone. There are valve systems integrated to the prostheses. The area for which prosthesis is placed in breast region is prepared. Next, prostheses are placed beneath the breast. Prostheses placed beneath the breast are inflated with saline.

Tubes integrated to valve system of the prosthesis are used to inflate the prosthesis. After the inflation, these tubes are pulled out and the valve systems are automatically closed. Saline-based implants are also covered with silicone sheath.

The most important problem regarding these implants is the leakage in valve system that occurs in time and results in drainage of saline inside the implant. Another problem is the shaking-like sound that is heard during movement.

How is the structure of silicone gel-filled implants?

There are two layers of silicone sheath in silicone gel-filled implants. These sheaths are filled with non-fluid silicone. Therefore, they feel like the natural breast tissue.

Where will breast implant be placed?

Before the surgery, many patients think that breast implants are placed inside the breasts during breast augmentation procedure. However, this thought is completely wrong.

Regardless of its type and size, the implant is never placed inside the breast tissue. It is placed under the breast, under the fascia or under the pectoral muscle. In this way, the implant is easily covered with breast or muscle tissue.

Also, the lactiferous ducts are left untouched and thus, patients experience no problem regarding milk flow. Implants placed beneath the breast tissue are associated with less pain and bleeding. Implants placed under the muscle and fascia may cause a little bit more pain.

However, long-term outcomes of these methods are better than under-the-breast placement of the implant. Patients for whom implants have been placed under the muscle may suffer pain during arm movements for the first several weeks.

The pain gradually regresses and disappears. Implants placed under the breast are more likely to develop capsule. This leads to capsule contracture which is a common late complication.

How is size of the implant determined in breast augmentation procedures?

It is highly important to determine the size of the implant to be used in breast augmentation procedure. The size of the implant to be selected should be directly proportionate to the width of the patient’s chest. So, large implants can be used for patients with large chest sizes.

On the other hand, it is beneficial to prefer smaller implants for those without large chest sizes. Otherwise, breast implants protrude towards the armpit this may cause an unaesthetic appearance. Thus, size of the implant varies from patient to patient.

Size, shape, height and width of the implant are determined completely in line with the patient’s anatomical structure. If these measurements are done properly, it is possible to perform an ideal breast augmentation procedure. Thus, the patient suffers less pain in the postoperative course and has soft breasts.

 Does the breast implant harm the breast tissue?

The breast implant is placed under the breast tissue in breast augmentation procedures. Regardless of the technique applied, the breast implant is never placed inside the breast tissue. Therefore, the breast implant does not harm the breast tissue.

In case a breast implant larger than it is supposed to be is placed, the breast tissue above the implant may be compressed and the breast tissue may become thin. A careful preoperative assessment can easily figure out this issue and the patient’s desired postoperative appearance can be maintained for a long time.

 Can patients breastfeed after breast augmentation procedure?

As I said before, the breast implant is not placed inside the breast tissue. Thus, patients experience no problem regarding breastfeeding after breast augmentation procedure.

What is the exact location of the breast implant in breast augmentation procedure?

In breast augmentation procedure, the implant can be placed to different regions. The first one is under the breast tissue. The second one is immediately under the fascia beneath the breast. This is also called subfascial plane. In breast augmentation surgery, another region for the placement of the breast implant is under the subpectoral muscle.

How is the location of the breast implant decided in breast augmentation procedure?

The purpose of breast augmentation procedure is to cover the breast implant with soft tissue smoothly, making the implant invisible. The breast implant can be placed under the breast, if the patient has sufficient breast tissue. If the patient has no sufficient breast tissue, the breast implant can be placed under the pectoral muscle or under the fascia.

Which factors are taken into consideration when a decision is made to use anatomic implant or a round implant in breast augmentation?

Here, the major definitive factor is the preoperative shape of breast and the shape of breast the patient would like to have after the surgery. For example, anatomic implant will be appropriate, if a patient with breasts in the form of drop before the surgery does not want augmentation in upper part of the breast.

On the other hand, round implant is required for patients who request voluminous upper part of breast and striking décolleté. Roughly speaking, round implant fills the upper part of breasts better than the anatomic implant.

Is postoperative pain severe in breast augmentation surgery?

Pain will not be severe, if an implant with appropriate size is used for breast augmentation. If an unnecessarily large implant is used, pain may occur due to tension and sprain. Pain can be more severe for implants that are placed beneath the muscle, as the muscle is divided.

Is any scar left after breast augmentation surgery?

Implant is mostly inserted through the incision made over the bra line in breast augmentation surgeries. Therefore, the scar is left over the bra line after breast augmentation surgeries.

Thus, it cannot be seen by other people. To make it less visible and to fade it out, patients start using silicone cream three weeks after the surgery.

Why is it necessary to wear sports bra after breast augmentation surgery?

We expect that the breast prosthesis migrates down minimally through natural ways after breast augmentation surgery. Thus, breasts get their final position through natural forces. To achieve this goal, breasts should not be limited with bras with underwire.  Bras prevent downward movement of the implant, if bras with underwire are worn after the surgery. Therefore, sports bra are preferred instead of bras with underwire following breast prosthesis surgery.

Can patients use their arms comfortably after breast augmentation procedure?

Patients should use their arms very carefully within first ten days after the surgery. They can easily perform activities of daily life, but they should not lift heavy objects or raise their arms too much. Patients may gradually start using their arms at a wider range beyond the ten-day interval.

Which surgeries are commonly combined with breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is most commonly combined with breast lift. Here, the aim is to lift up the breast characterized with sagging and loss of volume and to increase its volume.

How long should elapse for breast augmentation surgery after childbirth?

As is the case with all breast surgeries, lactation should have stopped before the breast implant surgery. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed one year after breastfeeding is stopped.

How are outcomes of breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery has the highest satisfaction rate among all aesthetic surgeries. Moreover, breast augmentation surgeries is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures. This surgery boosts self-confidence of patients. In terms of the satisfaction mostly reported by the patients after the surgery, their clothes fir their body more beautifully and their confidence has increased.

Are there risks of breast augmentation surgery?

Since breast augmentation takes relatively short and it is performed in a single body part, the risk is lower compare to other surgeries.

Breast augmentation prices 2023

Cost of breast augmentation surgery may vary depending on the surgery and the type of implant. You can contact us immediately to get information about breast augmentation prices 2023.