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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Turkey

Breasts may enlarge substantially due to weight gain, hormonal changes, pregnancies or hereditary causes. All these causes increase both breast tissue and fat tissue in breast. In breast reduction surgery, breast is repositioned to normal location and optimal size is ensured. In breast reduction turkey surgeries, both fat tissue and breast tissue are removed.

Who are good candidates for breast reduction surgery?

Development of breast tissue is completed around age of 18 years. From legal aspects, the patient should be minimum 18 years old in order to consent to an aesthetic surgery. We operate the patients when they are 18 years old due to both legal reasons and ensure maturation of the breast tissue.

How it is decided for the size of the breast in the surgery?

There are several parameters determining the ideal size of breast. The most important one of them is the size of the rib cage. If the patient is tall and has a large circumference of rib cage, the breast size needs to be larger than the other patients who has smaller chest.

For this surgery, the size of breast to be decided should be proportional with the patient’s body. Here, the patient’s requests are also crucial. Some patients may ask for breasts that are smaller than normal ranges since they get tired of carrying very big breasts. The exact opposite of this situation can also be seen.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about approximately 3 hours. It may take longer when it is combined with other surgeries. Nipple and areola are transferred to their ideal locations in breast reduction surgery.

Excess tissues in breast are removed and breast is reduced to the desired size. Incision sites are repaired. If bleeding does not occur during the surgery, drain is not placed, incisions are repaired and surgery is terminated.

What are the considerations for the patients before breast reduction?

I do not recommend to smoke starting from 4 weeks prior to the breast reduction until the postoperative 4th week. Quitting smoking helps patients recover from anesthesia more easily at the end of the surgery and facilitates wound healing.

I prefer to examine my patients one more time on the day before of the surgery date, to complete the preoperative preparations, taking their photographs and asking them to sign the patient consent forms.

I re-examine my patients in the morning on the day of surgery, make the markings and answer the patients’ questions. Aspirin should not be used for 1 week before the surgery.

Visualizing the breast with mammography or ultrasound before the surgery is also important depending on the patient’s age. The results of these imaging tests are crucial for proper follow-up of breast in the following years.

How about incision scars in breast reduction surgery?

Location and length of the scars is dictated by preoperative size of the breast. If the breast is too large, scars will be longer. If the breast is not too large, breast reduction surgery can be easily performed with relatively shorter scar.

Here, the scar extends from nipple and areola to the crease below the breast (bra line).

If preoperative size of breast is too large, the scar will look like reverse “T” in this surgery. Use of silicone gels will ensure that the scars will be less visible at the end of the healing period.

Which techniques are used in breast reduction surgeries?

Aim of breast reduction surgeries to reposition the nipple upward over an appropriate tissue (peduncle) and to restore optimal shape and size of the breast tissue.

When this procedure is performed, it is important to protect blood supply to and sensation of the nipple. Various surgical techniques can be preferred for the surgery depending on size of the breast.

How is breast reduction performed with graft (free nipple) technique?

Graft technique is usually preferred for too large breasts. It may be difficult to protect blood supply to nipple in too large breasts, while the breast is repositioned.

In this case, nipple is elevated and removed in the form of graft. Next, breast is reduced and reshaped. After the breast is shaped, the nipple is adapted to its normal position.

In this technique, patients cannot feel the nipple and breastfeed babies after the surgery. Therefore, this breast reduction technique is preferred only in necessary cases.

Is a drain placed after surgery?

A drain is usually placed after these surgeries. However, it may vary according to patient and surgeon factors. A drain is placed in order to prevent collection of blood or body fluid in breast after the surgery. Drains are usually removed one or two days after the surgery.

Is postoperative pain severe in breast reduction surgery?

Postoperative pain is not intolerable, as only skin, fat and breast tissue, collectively called soft tissue, are removed in breast reduction surgery. Patients may feel pain for first several days after the surgery. The pain usually alleviates substantially for 2 to 3 days after the surgery. Patients move easily and pain regresses, if any, especially after drains are removed.

When can the patients take shower after the surgery?

The patients can take shower two days after the drains are removed. Drain sites spontaneously close within these two days. Special tapes are attached on the scars on breast after the surgery and patients can easily take shower with these tapes.

Is wound dressing necessary after breast reduction surgery?

Incision sites are covered with sterile tapes at the end of the surgery. These tapes remain on incision for approximately three weeks. Therefore, wound dressing is not required in the follow-up examinations in postoperative period.

Thanks to these tapes, the patient can easily take shower for these three weeks. At the end of three weeks, tapes are removed and it is started to apply silicone gel on the scars. I recommend applying the silicone gel twice a day for at least 3 months.

The scars continue to fade for 1 year after the surgery. Scars get much better at the end of 1 year. The patients can get a skin colored tattoo on the scars to camouflage them at the end of 1 year, if they desire. This technique is called powdering method.

When will the result become recognizable after breast reduction surgery?

The patients can see the outcomes of breast reduction immediately after the procedure. Since there will be edema in the breasts in early period, breasts look a litter larger than their actual sizes after the surgery.

This edema will disappear within approximately two months. If the patient’s bodyweight does not change too much at the end of this period, breast sizes will remain stable.

Does breast reduction effects breastfeeding?

If the milk ducts, also called lactiferous ducts, beneath the nipple and the breast tissue, where these ducts connected are protected, patients can easily breastfeed their babies after the surgery.

A very careful preoperative planning is a must to protect lactiferous glands and ducts to achieve this goal. Undoubtedly, this surgery will cause loss of breast tissue and fat.

Therefore, milk production may decrease, but patients can still breastfeed. Since the breast tissue will be significantly reduced in patients with too large breasts, problems may occur in breastfeeding after the surgery?

Does breast reduction also lift breast?

In fact, each breast reduction surgery is also a breast lift surgery. A patient, who needs breast reduction, also requires breast lift. Since breast tissue is reduced and re-shaped in breast reduction surgeries, breasts are repositioned and lifted up simultaneously. Therefore, breast reduction and breast lift surgery can be easily combined.

Is it necessary to examine the removed breast tissue in breast reduction surgery?

If the patient is above a certain age, examination of the tissues removed in this surgery is recommended. If no pathological condition is detected, this data may guide the doctor, who will follow up the patient in the future.

Is it necessary to use sports bra after the surgery?

As is the case with all breast aesthetic surgeries, patients should use sports bra for six weeks after breast reduction. Here, the aim is to reposition the breast to its normal location and create a natural look through gravity force.

Sports bra allows breasts sag gently with its own weight without any inferior support. Patients may start wearing any bra they may like at the end of six weeks.

Does breast reduction surgery cause cancer?

There are no data showing that the breast reduction surgery can cause breast cancer. On the contrary, risk of cancer decreases since the breast tissue is reduced. Moreover, pathological examination of the breast tissues removed during the breast reduction surgery is recommended after the procedure.

Can breast reduction be repeated?

Breast reduction procedure can be repeated. The most important factor is the ability to move the nipple upwards without impairing the blood supply. Therefore, it is crucial for the safety of surgery to know which technique has been used in the prior surgery.

The breast can be safely reduced using the same technique with the prior surgery.

What is most common problem faced in breast reduction surgeries?

The most common problem is about wound healing in these surgeries. The healing problem usually develops at intersection of scars. The wound healing problem is easily managed with local wound dressing in most patients.

Is there any age range that is especially at higher risk regarding wound healing problem?

As is the case with all surgeries, wound healing problem is more common in obese/overweight and smoker patients. Therefore, patients should take care of body weight management and quit smoking before the surgery.

I have undergone breast surgery. Will shape of my breasts change after childbirth?

This question is commonly asked by our patients. The breast enlarges during pregnancy and lactation, as it is exposed to hormonal alterations, and it may restore to original size or it may be larger or smaller relative to original size. Genetic predisposition is the most important factor that guide these changes.

Can breast reduction surgery be performed for smokers?

Smoking poses a problem for all surgeries. Recovery from the anesthesia after the surgery is difficult for smokers and effect of anesthetic medications lasts longer. Smoking has negative effect on wound healing.

In other words, wound healing lasts longer for smokers and scars of the surgery can be more remarkable after the surgery. Therefore, we recommend the patients for whom we perform aesthetic surgery to stop smoking for about four weeks before the surgery.

Not smoking for four weeks after the surgery ­contributes to wound healing. Some patients who complete eight weeks without smoking can even quit smoking permanently.

Does SGK cover the cost of breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is not covered by insurance except for very special cases. For these cases, the patients should request a report stating that the large breasts cause low-back or neck pain.

Breast Reduction Prices 2023

Cost of breast reduction surgery varies depending on the technique, hospitalization period and preoperative breast screening tests. You can contact us immediately to get information about Breast Reduction Prices 2023.