Hi-Def Liposuction (4D Body Contouring)

Hi-Def Liposuction Turkey

Nowadays, aging, childbirth and weight gain and loss cycles may lead to increase the fat accumulation, formation of excess skin and causes sagging.

Body contouring implies all surgical procedures performed to correct such deformities. Body deformities are more common secondary to physical inactivity and incorrect and poor nutrition – both are consequences of modern lifestyle – and according, the demand to body contouring procedures has increased.

Today, body contouring surgeries have become popular, as body perception altered due to many reasons and more people are seeking to catch excellence.

On the other hand, it is necessary to remember that modification of eating habits and lifestyle is a must to maintain outcomes of the surgery carried out to correct unpleasant body contours.

What is a Turkey high definition liposuction?

A specific liposculpture technique called Turkey high definition liposuction attempts to accentuate the body’s natural contours, especially in areas like the abdomen, waist, and flanks. The goal of the operation is to selectively remove extra fat while enhancing muscle definition, giving the appearance of being more sculpted and defined.

Turkey high definition liposuction’s salient characteristics could be:

  • Precision Fat Removal: To highlight the underlying muscle definition, the process entails precisely removing extra fat from particular locations. To attain desired results, this calls for a focused and cautious approach.
  • Muscle Etching: To improve the appearance of a toned and athletic figure, high definition liposuction frequently entails etching or outlining the muscles. Those who want to appear more “ripped” or athletic may find this particularly enticing.
  • Body Contouring: High definition liposuction aims to reshape and contour the body to achieve aesthetically acceptable proportions in addition to removing fat. To accomplish a cohesive end product, this may include addressing several issues.
  • Specialist procedures: To precisely break down and remove fat while protecting surrounding tissues, surgeons practicing high definition liposuction employ specialist procedures like VASER liposuction. Ultrasound technology is used in VASER liposuction to identify and emulsify fat cells.
  • Personalized Approach: Every high definition liposuction treatment is customized to meet the needs of the patient in terms of their particular anatomy, body type, and cosmetic objectives. In close collaboration with the patient, the surgeon ascertains the desired result and develops a personalized treatment plan in response.

It’s crucial to remember that high definition liposuction is a surgical treatment that needs to be carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon. Like any cosmetic surgery, there are possible dangers and factors to take into account. To find out if they are a good candidate for the treatment, patients should have a comprehensive consultation.

If you’re thinking about getting high definition liposuction in Turkey, you should do your homework and pick a reliable facility with skilled surgeons who specialize in this procedure. Speaking with knowledgeable experts will help you clarify your objectives, comprehend the process, and determine if high definition liposuction is the best choice for you.

What is the difference between HD lipo and liposuction?

A specialist procedure called high definition liposuction (HD lipo) goes beyond standard liposuction to produce outcomes that are more defined and sculpted. Although removing extra fat from specific locations is the goal of both operations, high definition liposuction and regular liposuction differ significantly in several ways:

Object and Result:

Liposuction: The main goals of traditional liposuction are to improve overall body shapes and reduce localized fat deposits. Generally speaking, the aim is to produce a smoother, more balanced appearance.
High Definition Liposuction (HD lipo): HD lipo is intended to improve the definition of muscles and produce a more toned or athletic look. The goal is to achieve a more defined appearance and draw attention to the outlines of the muscles, especially in the chest, flanks, and belly.

Liposuction: Traditionally, liposuction targets specific regions using suction to remove extra fat. To get a more uniform and visually beautiful contour is the aim.
High Definition Liposuction: VASER liposuction is one of the more sophisticated methods frequently used in HD lipo. In order to more precisely and specifically remove fat, VASER uses ultrasound technology to break down and emulsify fat cells. The underlying muscles may also be defined or etched throughout the process.
Choice of Patient:

Liposuction: Those who want to reduce localized fat deposits and enhance their general body shapes might consider liposuction. It is a flexible process that can be applied to different body parts.
High Definition Liposuction: Patients with good muscular tone and a degree of fitness are usually suggested for HD lipo. For people who want to look more athletic and sculpted, this is perfect.
Definition of Muscle:

Liposuction: Improving muscle definition may not be the primary goal of traditional liposuction. Usually, the objective is to lose extra fat without necessarily highlighting the muscles beneath the skin.
The goal of high definition liposuction (HD lipo) is to accentuate muscular features and provide a more defined and toned physique. To make the muscles more visible, the surgeon may mold and contour the treated areas.
It’s crucial to remember that high definition liposuction and liposuction are surgical treatments that need to be carried out by licensed and skilled plastic surgeons. The decision between the two is based on the person’s overall health, body composition, and aesthetic objectives. The best course of action for each patient must be determined after a thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon.

How much does Hi Def Vaser cost?

The price of High Definition VASER liposuction (HD VASER) can differ significantly based on a number of variables, including as the particular surgeon or clinic, the patient’s location, the complexity of the treatment, and any other services or amenities needed. In the US, HD VASER liposuction normally costs between $5,000 and $15,000 or more.

Remember that these are only estimates and that results may differ in certain instances. Pre-operative consultations, post-operative care, anesthesia costs, facility fees, the surgeon’s charge, and any required follow-up appointments could all be included in the total cost.

It is advised to get in touch with particular clinics or plastic surgery centers directly to get precise and current cost information. Plastic surgeons can evaluate individual cases, talk about the patient’s objectives and expectations, and provide comprehensive cost estimates based on the particular requirements of the surgery during consultations.

Any cosmetic surgery, including HD VASER liposuction, should be considered in conjunction with a reputable facility and board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience using this particular technology. You may make an informed decision about the operation and its costs by reading reviews, vetting qualifications, and keeping lines of communication open with the surgeon during the consultation process.

Which surgeries are involved in body contouring?

Body contouring procedures cover all surgeries performed for abdomen, arms and legs. If listed surgeries from head to toe, they involve breast surgeries, arm lift and hi-def liposuction, abdomen liposuction and abdominoplasty, leg liposuction and lift as well as surgical procedures for butt.

Here, the surgery for the intended body part is subject to interpatient variations. Combination of surgeries principally aims to create and maintain harmony between body parts.

How is body contouring performed?

Body contouring surgeries has an a. This order may vary depending on person and his/her needs. Globally, the most commonly acknowledged approach is to start body contouring surgeries from trunk. Trunk is the basic area for these surgeries.

Trunk surgeries basically involve abdominal liposuction and abdominoplasty as well as breast surgeries, back and low back lift and liposuction. Body contouring procedures of trunk change physical appearance of the patient quickly.

Thus, not only quality of life and comfort are boosted, but also patients become better motivated for other surgeries. After trunk is contoured in initial sessions, other surgeries may focus on arms and legs. This order can be modified according to preferences and needs of the patient.

For example, arms can be operated on in the first session in patients, who complains of arms or experiences difficulty in finding fine clothe s or cannot use arms sufficiently due to overload.

Similarly, if a patient cannot mobilize sufficiently due to extra load on and excess skin in legs, patient’s comfort of life can be boosted by involving legs in the first surgery session.

Considering fat injection for butts, butt lift or butt prosthesis, it is necessary to remember that patients should lying in prone position after the surgery and the procedure should be planned accordingly.

Fat injection to butt is usually combined with liposuction surgeries. Considering the fact that the fat used for injection can be collected with liposuction, it is a must to combine these procedures.

Considering sagging butt, it can be corrected in combination with abdominoplasty and liposuction.  Abdominoplasty can be extended to posterior waist or low back area and thus, the tummy is lifted by 360 degrees and accordingly, butt is lifted. Fat collected in this procedure can be used to create a more round shaped butt. Thus, the patient may have lifted butt that also look more voluminous as a result of the body contouring surgery.

For patients who do not have sufficient fat tissue in body, buttock implants can be used in body contouring surgeries.  Irrespective of the preferred technique, patients should not lie in supine position after body contouring surgeries that involve butt procedures.

Therefore, it is important to plan the surgery well. I use BBL beds that are specifically designed by us for patients who cannot lie in prone position or should not lie in prone position due to surgery combinations.

These beds have a cavity that creates a space for butt while lying. Thus, pressure is not put on butt even if the patient lies in supine position

What is local body contouring?

Local body contouring procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia to correct any problem in any one of the above mentioned body parts.

For example, fat accumulation in upper-medial part of legs can be removed with vaser liposuction under local anesthesia.

Same procedure can be employed for local fat deposition at medial side of the knee. Moreover, tightening the mild skin sagging in legs with Renuvion-J plasma is another example for local body contouring surgeries.

Local body contouring can also be considered for local fat deposition in arms and tummy. After the fat accumulated in these body parts are removed with liposuction, the skin can be tightened with J plasma.



What are body contouring procedures?

Fat injection

Fats removed with liposuction are purified through various processes and injected to increase volume in a body part. Three parameters require attention in fat injection. These are where the fat will be removed, how it will be purified and how it will be injected to an appropriate body part.

Fats collected beneath the belly button and medial part of the thigh provide permanent outcomes following fat injection. Fats collected from these body parts are usually preferred in body contouring surgeries.

The fats properly collected with liposuction also contain blood, tissue pieces and the fluids used during liposuction. All these substances are removed from the fat tissue using special filters. Next, the treated pure fat is fed to filters that vary in thickness in order to make the fat injectable.

Thus, the fat is both liquefied and has varying thickness. At purification phase, it is necessary to minimize contact of the fat with air.

There are closed systems that are specifically planned for this purpose. Moreover, the fats that are prepared before the infection can be enriched with stem cells derived from the fat tissue or  to ensure maintenance of outcomes.

The fats prepared before body contouring surgeries can be injected butts, breasts or medial side of the lower leg (to increase circumference of legs) or to chest, shoulders and arms to create a more athletic appearance in men.

Approximately 40% of the fats used for fat injection is absorbed by the body. Remaining part resides at the injection site lifelong. It is important to purify fats under appropriate conditions without any contact with air in order to reduce the absorbed fraction and to maintain outcomes of the fat injection.

Similarly, if stem cell or is added to the fat to be injected, the outcomes will be far more permanent.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is among major components of the body contouring surgeries. Abdominoplasty offers straight and athletic appearance of the tummy by tightening skin and muscles of abdomen.

Sagging may occur and stretch marks can be seen in abdominal skin of women over time due to childbirth and quick weight gain and loss cycles. Sagging and stretch marks indicate that quality of abdominal skin is lost.

Particularly, women who have given birth to more than one child complain of inability to eliminate the fat accumulation in her tummies.

The major cause is the failure of abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) that separate gradually in each pregnancy to restore its physiological condition. Therefore, abdominoplasty should focus on the abdominal skin that has lost its elasticity and the abdominal muscles that have separated from each other.

The skin that has lost the elasticity below the belly button is removed to get more tightened and smooth abdominal skin in abdominoplasty surgeries. Moreover, separated abdominal muscles are approximated with special stitching techniques and thus, tightened abdominal muscles are obtained.

Patients mostly ask about what happens to the belly button. Belly button is actually a pit and its base is attached to abdominal muscles or in other words, position of the belly button does not change in the surgery;

the belly button that is separated from the skin stays at the same location, but when excess skin is removed, the belly button that is left beneath the abdominal skin is taken outside through an incision and it is adapted to the peripheral skin.

Another concern of patients about abdominoplasty surgeries is the postoperative scar tissue. When abdominoplasty is planned, it is necessary to leave the postoperative scar tissue under the bikini line.

When abdominoplasty that lasts approximately 4 hours is combined with vaser liposuction for love handles, back and lower back (waist), slimmer and charming waistline is achieved.

On the other hand, upper trunk of women can be optimally contoured if abdominoplasty is combined with breast augmentation or reduction of breast.

Patients should stay at the hospital for one day after abdominoplasty that is performed under general anesthesia. We ask patients bend their upper body slightly forward for first several days while walking, but they can resume completely normal life within 10 days.

Arm lift (brachioplasty)

Arm lift is a cosmetic procedure performed to slim the upper part of arm and to eliminate sagging. Fat tissue may accumulate and excess skin may develop in upper part of the arm due to weight changes and aging.

While excess skin can be the only problem in some patients, fat accumulation is associated with weight increase and excess skin in arms of others. Arm lift is an important part of body contouring operations.

If fat accumulation adds to excess skin in arms, arm lift (brachioplasty) procedure can be combined with vaser liposuction. The fat accumulated in arm is removed with vaser liposuction and the excess skin that extends from armpit to inner part of elbow is excised with an elliptic incision.

Thus, arm becomes thinner and excess skin is also removed. Weight of arm decreases as the excess fat in arm is removed; therefore, suture line is exposed to lower tension, resulting with better wound healing. Since the incision on arm is at inner and posterior part, it is relatively less visible.

For especially younger patients who do not have too much excess skin and have good skin quality but only complain of fat accumulation in arm, it is possible to ensure tightening solely by removing the fat in this region with vaser liposuction.

Vaser liquefies the fats with ultrasonic energy, but it also tightens the skin through heating. Moreover, J plasma technology that ensures tightening of skin by converting helium gas into plasma energy can be used to achieve more tightening. J plasma is quite effective in the arm since the skin thickness is suitable for the procedure.

Arm lift (brachioplasty) surgery lasts approximately 2 hours and can be performed under general anesthesia. We hospitalize our patients for a night to help effects of anesthesia wear off. We recommend our patients to use arm corset for about 6 weeks after arm lift surgeries.

The patients can return to their daily lives within 1 week after the surgery. The patients can start doing cardio exercises 10 days after the surgery. Exercises that require using arms can be started 6 weeks after the surgery.

While arm lift surgery can be performed alone, it can, recently, also be combined with surgeries such as abdominoplasty, mastopexy and thigh lift for the patients with sagging in other body parts due to massive weight loss in obesity surgery.

The patient’s overall health, blood counts and complexity of the surgery should be taken into consideration while combining these surgeries.

Thigh lift

Thigh lift surgery is preferred to be performed after contouring the trunk and the tummy in body contouring surgeries. Fat accumulation and excess skin may develop in leg due to weight gain and aging.

This excess skin generally develops in the thigh. Liposuction can be performed alone to correct deformities of thigh in body contouring surgeries while liposuction and thigh lift can also be combined.

For patients who only have fat accumulation in thigh and medial part of knee, liposuction can be sufficient that focuses on medial part of the thigh. If the quality of skin is good, excess skin does not develop in these patients.

Moreover, J plasma can also be employed for these body parts to tighten the skin at medial side of the thigh. J plasma tightens the connective tissue in subcutaneous area by delivering plasma energy. Excess skin is prevented thanks to this effect and a more natural and tight skin is achieved as a result of the surgery.

Liposuction and thigh lift are combined for patients who have fat deposition and excess skin in thigh. In this surgery, leg can be, first, slimmed down with liposuction. Then, excess skin is removed with thigh lift.

The scar remains at medial or inner part of the leg after thigh lift surgery. The length of this scar varies depending on amount of excess skin and patient factors.

Since the surgery is often performed under general anesthesia, patients need to stay at hospital for at least 1 night. When it is not combined with other procedures, thigh lift surgery lasts approximately 3 hours. Duration of surgery changes when the procedure is combined with other surgeries.

Drains placed after thigh lift surgeries are removed usually 4 to 5 days after the surgery. Corset should be used for 6 weeks after this procedure. Patients return to normal daily life in almost all aspects 10 days after the surgery, but they need to wait for 6 weeks to start workout.

Mini Vaser (ultrasonic liposuction), high-def (high definition) liposuction

Gaining weight or being overweight is one of the major problems of humans in modern era. Body weight is not accumulated in same body parts of men and women due to genetic and hormonal factors.

In women, fat accumulates in pelvis, hips and legs while corresponding body parts are upper body and tummy in men. Liposuction is an inseparable part of body contouring procedures.

Liposuction has become a body contouring operation rather than a standard fat removal procedure as fat-specific devices have started to be used in recent years. The most important ones of these devices are Vaser (ultrasonic liposuction), PAL (power assisted liposuction) and Renuvion-j plasma methods.

In vaser liposuction, ultrasound waves are used and only fat tissues are damaged. While fat tissue is liquefied, the surrounding vessels, nerves and connective tissues are not harmed.

Therefore, less bruising and faster recovery are seen in postoperative course. Fats that are melted with Vaser method are removed from the body with vibrant cannulas in PAL method.

After the fat beneath the skin is removed, the skin is tightened with J plasma and formation of excess skin is prevented. Thus, the deformities that were observed in the past after liposuction and the wavy appearance in skin are eliminated.

The patients with regional fat accumulation, but almost optimal body weight can have a more athletic body with body contouring methods, called Hi-Def or 4D.

Six-pack appearance can be achieved for men by shaping the fat in abdominal region using Hi-Def (4D) body contouring method. To achieve a balanced body look for patients, whose muscle tone is increased and a slimmer appearance is created in the tummy, the body looks better built and fit with fat injections to chest, arms and shoulders.

For women, a suitable body shape can be achieved by giving an athletic appearance to abdominal region and slimming down the waist and back with Hi-Def (4D) body contouring procedure. Fats obtained from other body parts can be injected to buttock and a slimmer waist and wider and rounder hips can be created.

Minor regional fat accumulations can be easily eliminated with mini vaser surgery performed under local anesthesia. The best example is double chin liposuction. In this surgery, the fat accumulation in doublechin can be easily removed under local anesthesia and patients can return to their daily lives the next day.

I combine Hi-Def (4D) body contouring surgeries with Vaser, PAL and J plasma methods for my patients. Therefore, I aim to minimize the potential postoperative irregularities and achieve a faster recovery and a better body contouring.

These surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and the duration of surgery is 2 to 4 hours although it varies depending on the number of body parts to be operated on.

We hospitalize the patients for at least 1 night to wear off effects of anesthesia and make patients feel themselves better. We want our patients to use corsets that we help them wear after the surgery for 6 weeks to ensure that the skin settles completely as we remove the fat tissue under it.

How much does body contouring procedure cost?

Cost of body contouring procedures varies depending on the type of surgery.

Hi-Def Liposuction Prices 2024

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