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Do Not Squeeze Your Body Into Corsets

Past or recent births, the effect of gravity, rapid weight gain and loss, and the decrease in skin elasticity over the time can cause sagging that will disrupt the body lines of individuals.

The corsets used to make the bodies look more shaped but physically reduce the comfort and distort the shape of the body when used incorrectly and damage skin health due to incorrect choices.

Moreover, getting stuck in the corsets cannot be more than a misleading solution considering that the recovery effect created by corset ends with the removal of the corset.

It is possible to achieve more shaped bodies with a series of operations applied within the scope of body shaping. The need for corsets disappears and the person can have remarkable body lines when changes are made that help the person to always keep their self-confidence high.

A Fit Abdomen After Abdominoplasty

There are many different reasons for sagging in the abdominal region. Sagging in the abdomen is common and unfortunately it can, reduce people’s self-confidence. People who want to get rid of the sagging abdomen make a new start with a tummy tuck.

Excess skin in the abdominal region is removed during abdominoplasty and a tight appearance can be obtained because the muscle and connective tissues in the region are restructured. Patients can also get rid of some of the abdominal stretch marks since excess skin is also removed during abdominoplasty.

Become Free with 4D Body Shaping

Weight gain is one of the frequent consequences of modern life. The problem of regional fattening is gradually increasing and stubborn fats do not always go away with a healthy diet or sports with the comfort of modern life.

Aesthetic operations may be needed to correct individuals’ impaired body perceptions in such cases. 4D body shaping operations can be performed today thanks to advancing medical technologies. Hi-Def Liposuction is a highly effective method in the elimination of regional fat deposits.

Regional thinning can be achieved, body contours can be corrected and nerves, vessels, and connective tissues in the process area are not damaged during liposuction performed with Vaser and PAL methods since only fats are targeted as you achieve a tighter body.

Look Proud in the Mirror with Combined Surgery

4D body shaping or just tummy tuck is not always enough to get the desired body. It is also necessary to refer to different operations included in the body shaping aesthetic classification in such a case.

Simultaneous sagging occurs in many different parts of the body, especially when weight is lost dramatically after obesity surgeries.

The body shape can be improved with a series of combined surgeries planned specifically for the person. Surgeries such as thigh lift, arm lift, back lift, buttock lift, breast aesthetics, and tummy tuck are combined under post-bariatric surgery.