Hydrafacial is an application that has been selected successively as the best skin care device in the United States. It can be applied on all skin types and meets the requirements for renewal and revitalization of skin with prepared specific to skin type after care.

The hydrafacial application, which provides renewal in 30 minutes, consists of 3 stages;

+ Face Cleaning and Peeling

(At this stage, the scurfs on the upper layer of the face are cleaned and the live layers are reached with peeling.)

+ Extraction and Moisturizing

(The pores in the skin are cleaned with the help of a sensitive vacuum. Skin is moistened with hyaluronic acid components.)

+ Repair and Protection

(Brightens the skin with serums containing antioxidants and peptides.)

Hydrafacial prepares your skin for Scarlet application.

Any kind of mask can be combined with home mesotherapy application.

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